How We Help

Individualized Care for Our Neighbors

Individualized Care

The needs of children and families are highly individualized. Resources must be specifically targeted to meet their current and evolving needs.

Unlike many other charitable organizations, Hand in Hand specializes in providing direct, specific and personalized assistance to families.

Social workers in our schools identify families that are in dire need of fundamental essentials. Hand in Hand volunteers then partner with these social workers to reach out to the families to determine their exact needs (i.e. clothing sizes, food requests, housing supply needs, and more.)

Our volunteers shop for or collect donated goods tailored to each family and deliver them personally. We provide ongoing support, helping to build back up a family with the goal of keeping the children in school and the family feeling secure.

How Supporters Help

Because our support is personalized for each family, we keep a general list of common donation requests and use donated funds to shop for each family’s personal needs. We are always looking for donations and for volunteers eager to make a real connection and work with neighboring families to meet their needs. Click below for more information: